5 Reasons to Love Memory Maker

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Memory Maker is a photography package offered by Disney. It gives you access to digital downloads of all your PhotoPass photos and videos from around the Walt Disney World (WDW) Resort. In our opinion, PhotoPass is one of the best additional services that Disney offers! The price ($169-$199 in 2019) of Memory Maker may be well worth the convenience. All your PhotoPass memories can be accessed on the Disney PhotoPass site when you claim your Memory Maker package through your My Disney Experience account. They are available for downloading up to 45 days after they are taken. Here are the top 5 reasons we love Memory Maker:

1 – All your family and friends in every photo!

Disney’s Photopass photographers are found at iconic locations around the parks and resorts. Occasionally, they can also be found roaming through the parks throughout the day. These photographers will gladly take your picture, whether or not you have Memory Maker. Pro tip: they may even be willing to take a picture of you with your own cellphone if they don’t have a line to attend to. (Please be courteous to fellow guests if you ask them to do this!) If you DO have Memory Maker, that means that every time they snap a photo of your party, you own it! And since Mom didn’t have to take the family photo, everybody will be in it! We’ve found this to be especially helpful when traveling as a couple – since there’s always a third person there to take our photograph, not every photo we come home with is a selfie! If your party splits up while touring the parks, you’ll also have access to any photos that the rest of your party takes (up to 25 members of your friends and family who share media with you).

2 – Ride and attraction photos and videos!

A favorite pastime at WDW is figuring out where the cameras are located on rides, and coordinating poses and faces to create fun photos. With Memory Maker, all of these photos will be added to your digital download library (no matter how many times you ride)! No more picking and choosing which ride photo makes the best keepsake and is worth purchasing. Some rides (like Hollywood Tower of Terror) take short videos of your time on the ride. These are really fun to watch, especially after you return home and are suffering from Post-Disney Depression (an understandably common diagnosis among WDW lovers). If you partake in Character Dining and Character Meet and Greets, you can count on some very fun character photos!

Hollywood Tower of Terror Video

3 – Magic Shots!

Magic Shots are photos that have been sprinkled with a little pixie dust. Sometimes, a PhotoPass photographer may ask you to pose a certain way (i.e. pointing to the ground, staring into the air, etc.). You may feel a little silly doing this at first. But, when you later login to your Disney Photopass account, you’ll see the magical results of these poses in your gallery. Without Memory Maker, it may be difficult to decide which of these fun photos to purchase. With Memory Maker, no decision is needed…they’re all yours for one price!

4 – Discounts on prints of your photos!

Love scrapbooking? Want to frame some of your magical memories? The purchase of Memory Maker not only gives you digital access to your photos, but also enables you to take advantage of some photo print discounts!

5 – Access to fun stock photos!

A nice addition to your slew of digital downloads is a good number of amazing Disney stock photos! Use these high quality images in your scrapbook, on your blog, or as your desktop background. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

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